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What is ghee?

Ghee is a form of clarified butter. That’s butter that has been heated until the water evaporates – leaving a thick, nutty ‘liquid gold’ that no Indian kitchen could be without. Sounds like a weird thing to make a skincare product out of? Only if you don’t know the history. Ghee has been used for thousands of years – since way before anyone had heard of moisturiser. But that doesn’t mean people didn’t need something to soothe and soften dry or sore skin. Ghee was an obvious choice (just like you can use olive oil as skincare). And sometimes, the obvious choices make the most sense. Ghee is naturally full of healing fatty acids and anti-inflammatories. In our Deep Nourishing Cream, we use washed ghee (lighter and fluffier than its kitchen-dwelling cousin). Blended with coconut and aloe vera, and infused with pomegranate – it’s smooth and sweetly scented. So while it’s not exactly the same as the ghee by Indian grandmas like mine for generations – it’s based on the same wisdom.

Can you use cooking ghee on your face?

Can you use cooking ghee on your face? Actually…yes you can. My Grandma Leela – the inspiration behind Inherited Skincare – did. So have generations of Indian grandmas, mothers, and aunties. Even in its simple, unwashed form, ghee is deeply moisturising. The only problem is – you’ll smell a little buttery But the ghee we use in our Deep Nourishing Cream isn’t anything like the ghee you’ll eat in a curry. And it doesn’t smell like it either. The ghee we use is washed – in Ayurvedic tradition, this is done 100 times. The washing process turns ghee from a dense fat into a light, fluffy, whipped-cream-like substance. At this point – it still has a strong, buttery smell (nice in cooking, not what you want on your face). So we’ve infused it with other natural ingredients and actives to make it smell deliciously fresh and fruity.

How do you wash ghee?

The idea of washing ghee – a form of butter – sounds pretty strange. But it’s actually very simple. In traditional Ayurvedic medicine, ghee is washed 100 times before it’s used on the skin. You simply place ghee in a copper bowl, add water, and stir. When the water separates, you throw it away and repeat another 99 times. The water breaks up the fats, which means they can penetrate right down through all 7 layers of your skin, and the copper from the bowl adds an extra anti-inflammatory boost. I have to confess that we don’t wash our ghee by hand – our cosmetic scientist uses an automated process. But it’s exactly the same method and the same result – a light, fluffy, creamy natural moisturiser. So if you really want to see if this works? Grab a tub of ghee and a copper bowl! :)

Is ghee really good for your skin?

Simple answer – yes. It might sound like it’d be oily and greasy (it’s made with butter, after all!), but washed ghee is light, soaking deep into your skin without clogging pores.

It’s also naturally rich in:
  • 🌿 Omega fatty acids that hydrate and seal in moisture.
  • 🌿 Antioxidants that reduce skin damage.
  • 🌿 Antimicrobials that promote healing.
  • 🌿 Anti-inflammatories that calm and reduce redness.

Sound familiar? Big-name brands spend a lot of time trying to find the perfect combination of these elements. Turns out, ghee had them all along.

How do I use your products?

Our Signature Deep Nourishing Cream is designed to be used anywhere your skin needs nourishing and healing. It’s rich and deep – but the washed ghee it’s made with is light and fluffy, so it doesn’t clog up pores. That means it’s good on your face, hands, feet or body. It also helps with problem areas – like extra-dry or red patches – but it’s light enough to use as a daily moisturiser too. Our advice? Try a little and see. Some customers tell us they love to add it to their usual tried-and-tested routine as an extra boost. Others love the fact that they now need just one cream, and nothing else.

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