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The only skincare you’ll ever need

What if one natural ingredient could solve all your skincare problems? That ingredient is washed ghee. Used in millions of Indian homes, for thousands of years, ghee is a naturally powerful moisturiser, an anti-inflammatory, anti-aging cream and soothing treatment for redness and rashes. Most people know ghee as a tasty cooking ingredient, but the ghee we use in our products is different. Washed in the traditional way, its creamy fats break down so it can easily penetrate through all seven layers of your skin – without any oiliness or grease. Practitioners of Ayurvedic medicine, and Indian grandmas, have known about the special power of ghee for 3000 years. But until now, few others have.

The Inherited Skincare story

I have vivid memories of my Indian Grandma, Leela, using ghee in her delicious cooking, and of it being her go-to treatment for every childhood skin complaint. Rashes, minor burns, winter dryness – whatever the problem, it would be treated with a scoop of pure ghee. I kept using ghee as an adult, just like she did. But I used other skincare products too, some good, some bad, and I started to wonder – what if I could combine all the good stuff from the western products I loved best, with the ancient power of ghee? That’s when Inherited was born. I found a team of experienced natural skincare experts to find the perfect formulations for each product. They helped me combine natural washed ghee with soothing herbs like turmeric, floral extracts like calendula and essential oils like jojoba. Every product provides deep but gentle care for every type of skin.

The Inherited promise

We believe everything you put onto your body matters, so every ingredient counts. It all starts with Ayurveda’s hero ingredient, 100% organic ghee, combined with hard-hitting actives for clean, high-performing products that ensure your beauty is safe with us. In keeping with the rules of my Grandma Leela’s house: we never take more than we need, or put in anything we don’t need. This is my gift, from my family to you
With love, Suruchi

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